The teachers must supervise the pupils … and the parents, on the other hand, do not

The supervision of the pupils at school must be obsessively tightened by the teachers and if any pupil gets hurt open heaven with the culpa in vigilando et similia. Instead, because parents send their children pilates to whiz through the streets on scooters regardless of the dangers of public safety.

There is a paradox: on the one hand the excessive vigilance of teachers over the pupils in the classroom, on the other hand, on the other hand, too much lightness of the parents on the behavior of their children. Who is wrong: school or family?

Logically, the family is wrong, but there is now a widespread tendency to blame teachers, whether they are wrong or if they are right. Where did the school-family alliance go? It no longer exists because the school moves in one direction, the family in the opposite, without finding a meeting point.

Rivers of words have been written about the lack of social consideration of the school and they continue to do so without finding a solution. Sic stantibus rebus loser is always the school.

Mario Bocola

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