A stock on Wall Street that earns 60% year to date but is worth at least 10 times more

Many investors, especially at the beginning of their trading activity, look very carefully at prices but sometimes, often, they do it in the wrong way. In fact, they believe that a price that rises by 50% in a short time is a distortion or when it falls by the same percentage. A rising price is seen as an opportunity to open bearish positions and one that falls, higher positions. Yet this is not the case. It is necessary to analyze the motive behind the movement to understand if it was justified or not by the fundamentals or by news that can then prove to be contingent.

Having said that, our Research Department reports that there is a stock on Wall Street that has gained 60% since the beginning of the year but is worth at least 10 times more. This is Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation (NASDAQ: BGVF) which capitalizes on the stock market of 351.7 million dollars and operates as a retailer of sporting goods in the western United States.

The stock closed the trading day of April 1 at a price of $ 16.48 per share, up 4.97% from the previous session. Since the beginning of the year, it opened at 10.18 and then marked the low at 9.83 and the high at 17.77. In the year 2020, the stock hit a low of 0.627 and from that level has risen to date by 2,528.38%.

Summary budget analysis

Earnings grew 596.5% over the past year. The recommendations of the other analysts (1 opinion only) estimate a fair value of 19.48 euros per share. Our calculations instead lead to a fair value in the area of ​​$ 170 with a gap with respect to current prices of 931.55%. Will this gap ever be bridged? The answer is not simple because the variables involved are many and even disparate.

A stock on Wall Street that earns 60% year to date but is worth at least 10 times more

The investment strategy

Buy the stock with a long-term stop loss at 13.50 and be the first to maintain a target of 21.01 to be reached in 1/3 months.

Our opinion is Buy Long term.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)


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