The arsonist who sets the same newsstand on fire 4 times betrayed by the smell of burning

He tried to hide, awkwardly enough, among the parked cars. But when the carabinieri discovered him, he could not do anything to hide his dirty, blackened hands, and the smell of burning that emanated from his clothes.

A 41-year-old man, an Italian citizen with a background and unemployed, was arrested Sunday morning in Milan on fire charges. The 41-year-old is held responsible for a series of fires, four, which recently took place in a newsstand in Viale Corsica, run by two South American citizens.

At the dawn of Easter the last blitz, when the arsonist – according to the investigations – set fire to the kiosk again, damaging the structure and the goods inside. The carabinieri of the Milano Porta Monforte station, immediately intervened, took a tour around the area and saw the 41-year-old trying to go unnoticed by hiding among the parked cars in via Lomellina, not far away. As soon as they approached, the military immediately smelled a strong smell of burning and noticed that the man had soot on his hands.

Taken to the barracks, the arsonist was subjected to checks by the fire investigation unit, which revealed the presence of traces of combustion on his clothes. The last doubts fell after the search at home, also in the area: in fact, lighters, several packs of “firelighter devil” and a bottle with flammable liquid inside jumped out. But not only. Because in the house the carabinieri found a cap and a jacket – in whose pockets there were handkerchiefs soiled with flammable liquid and fragments of “devil” – the same as those worn by the man who had set fire to the same newsstand last 21 March.

And the blitzes of the arsonist, who is now in San Vittore, may not only be those against the newsstand. The military is in fact investigating to verify his possible responsibilities in other arson fires that took place in the area in recent months, one of which had almost destroyed a florist’s kiosk.

Photo – The material seized from the 41-year-old’s home


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