Covid April 5, 2021: the coronavirus bulletin today. Infections in Italy and Emilia Romagna

Bologna, April 5, 2021 – I active cases remain stable, i hospitalizations both in intensive care and in non-critical wards, the victims today they are 38. It is with these numbers that Emilia Romagna faces the day when the new colors of the regions come into force. But for our region the horizon is flat: another 15 days in the red zone. This says the order of the Ministry of Health to stem the coronavirus which was published in the Official Journal last Friday.

Covid today: Italy data of April 5, 2021. Coronavirus infections region by region

From Wednesday 7, however, in Emilia Romagna the schools in presence will also reopen at least for the youngest pupils: nursery schools, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. In the orange areas, such as Marche and Veneto, on the other hand, children up to eighth grade return to school, as well as some of those in high school.

Yesterday 18,025 were reported, a number down from Saturday, with a positive percentage of swabs in words at 7.1%. These data – it should be remembered. however, they undergo strong variations on holidays, when fewer swabs are carried out and mainly on people with symptoms. There were 326 deaths. There was a decline in hospitalizations both in intensive care (yesterday 3,703) and in the medical departments (28,432). As soon as the new data is made available we will publish it in this section.

Today it is counted 1,493 new infections, of which 672 asymptomatic e 38 victimse: both numbers are on the rise compared to yesterday when there were 1,700 cases and victims linked to covid 35. After a couple of days of relief, so much to worry about the situation in hospitals, where doctors and nurses have been reckoning for weeks with a super-job at the limit of the possible. In the therapy intensive 366 covid patients are hospitalized in the region today (+6 compared to Sunday) and 3,149 patients (+32) in non-critical wards. The active cases, unfortunately, remain stable at 72,206 (+18 compared to yesterday), although there are 1,437 healed. The province with the most infections today is Modena are 288 cases, followed by Bologna (262 to which, however, the 48 from Imola must be added) e Rimini (201).

Time of restrictions and anti-Covid tightening at Easter and Easter Monday for the second consecutive year. In the red zone of April 3, 4 and 5 – established at national level – the Bolognese have generally proved to be loyal to the rules. The low number of fines (65) made by the carabinieri after the intensification of controls over the weekend says so. There were also three sanctioned public establishments. Many people on the pratone in front of the Basilica of San Luca (video): many Bolognese did not want to give up the traditional Easter Monday trip, going up to the Colle perhaps along the Bregoli path.

To condemn our region to another two weeks of maximum restrictions “subject to a new classification” are various factors: the pressure on hospitals which, however, is finally decreasing: 47% of covid patients in intensive care and 48% in non-critical wards. Then, there is the incidence of the new cases, this is also an improving parameter, but still in the critical area: they are 286.28 (three weeks we reached the alarming peak of 434.26).

Then there is the percentage of new positive swabs (the control and screening ones are excluded from these calculations) which is increasing: from 11.6% to 12.7%. Against this, the percentage of cases for which the contact tracing: that is the contact by the Ausl of friends and relatives met by a new positive in the last days to stem the contagion. The figure is 88.7%, a decrease compared to the previous ministerial survey.

11,990 new doses of AstraZeneca vaccine have arrived in the province, so the Ausl has decided to bring forward 4 thousand appointments to this week – scheduled from 12 April onwards – for people in the 75-79 age group. In this way – inform the management – all those booked in this age group (21 thousand people in all) will be able to receive the first dose of the vaccine by 12 April. People who were booked after April 12 are receiving a text message with the new appointment, indicating the day, time and place to go to be vaccinated. From 12 April throughout the region, people aged 70-74 will be able to book (here how to do it).

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