family disgrace from Russia, the lawyer’s anger – Libero Quotidiano

family disgrace from Russia, the lawyer’s anger – Libero Quotidiano
family disgrace from Russia, the lawyer’s anger – Libero Quotidiano

The mystery about has now become a media case Olesya Rostova, the Russian girl kidnapped as a child, whose DNA could coincide with that of Denise Pipitone, the little disappearance in Mazara del Vallo in 2004. The outcome of the blood test on the Russian girl will be announced on Tuesday 6 April live on TV in Russia. The broadcast will be the same in which Rostova talked about her story, looking for answers about her real mom. “We would have preferred more confidentiality. Yes, there is a similarity and the age matches, but there have been extraordinary similarities found in the past as well, “he told the Corriere della Sera Giacomo Frazzitta, Denise’s mom’s lawyer, Piera Maggio.

“We are respectful of what is being done and, albeit informally, it seemed appropriate to inform the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Marsala to whom on Tuesday, in the event of a positive outcome, I will deliver a note to initiate an official letter of letters – continued the lawyer -. But if there is no compatible blood group it all ends here“. The fact that the story has turned into a real TV show does not even like Ms. Maggio, who writes on Facebook: “Even if we do not agree with the modalities, we are waiting for the results … Cautiously hopeful. We sincerely thank all those who are close to us at this time. Whatever happens, we will always go forward ”.

“Non-shared modalities” refer to the choice to communicate the results live on TV. The Pipitone family is still with its feet on the ground, given that even in the past there have been several reports, which later turned out to be bogus. Olesya said she was found at about 5 when she came taken from a nomad and placed in an orphanage.

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