Covid, record stores like bookstores: “Music is culture, let us reopen”

Covid, record stores like bookstores: “Music is culture, let us reopen”
Covid, record stores like bookstores: “Music is culture, let us reopen”
Milan – I record shops? They should be equated with bookstores and they must also remain open in the red zone. Because they are places of culture and offer food for the mind. This, in essence, is the message contained in the letter written to the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini by Valeria and Flavio, managers of the Discomane, historic independent Milanese shop that has been active for years on the Alzaia Naviglio Grande. One of the Lombard temples of vinyl: there is no record enthusiast who hasn’t crossed its entrance at least once.

We, like bookstores

“Dear Minister Franceschini – reads the message – we turn to you to ask you the reasons why record shops cannot stay open like many other categories and which reasons do not consider music culture by equating records with books, as happens in many other countries of the world. Music is food for the mind and helps as much as a book: in many bookstores there is a music department and we ourselves sell books with a musical background or for teaching musicians. “Like books, then, a good record can be helpful in a such a difficult period, with the possibilities for recreation reduced by the limitations placed in an attempt to contain the pandemic. “Music – continue Valeria and Flavio – helps to have fun especially in a dark period like this. Certainly in record stores there are no gatherings, so why have we always been penalized with closure? Isn’t a Beethoven or Bob Dylan or Rolling Stones record culture? Yet Dylan has won a Nobel! ”.

A reference for enthusiasts

After all, the largest Italian event dedicated to music was staged, even if without an audience in the hall. “There was the Sanremo festival – reads the letter – which lasted five days, with very high expenses precisely because music is considered important. Yet we cannot stay open to be able to sell the records of the singers competing at the Festival”. The sector certainly cannot stay afloat with streaming or other digital tools. “We don’t have digital platforms like the giants of the web, we are real stores, not virtual ones – continues the cry of pain of the shopkeepers – We choose, listen, discuss music and you get rich one with the other. There is 18app, the Culture Bonus dedicated to young people who can buy books, concert tickets and records, but now you have forgotten us “.

The industry’s cry of pain

Music, on the other hand, was the daily accompaniment of one of the most popular initiatives during the first lockdown last year. “Remember that on the balconies they sang and no books were recited – is the gloss of the letter – We need you to review the reasons that they imposed on us and that still today require us not to open. We need our protest to reach the deaf ears of those who impose closure on us. We are few, but determined to defend our business and therefore take us into consideration. We thank you for the attention that we hope you will give us and we are confident in your prompt and courteous reply. “The open letter received the support of numerous other exhibitors.

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